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Dear Professor Daniel,

My name is Felicity Swindell and this letter is in reference to inquiry of a vacant writing position 

For your HBCU blog, specifically the division geared towards campus conflicts occuring in the Atlanta University center. 


As a seasoned writer, and a student of the Atlanta University Center,  I propose writing a article In regards to the Negative effects that HBCU campus culture has on students and the academic setting. Aesthetics matter, but learning matters more. Focusing on the Campus culture consisting of the extreme level of expectations of the assembling of hair, makeup, and apparel when it comes to school attire, Resulting in students with unprioritized necessities. Alongside distracted classrooms, and increase division of social class of students who partake in campus culture expectations in comparison to those who don't. These students also lack basic understanding of time management, They are often fashionable, but. Also fashionably late. 


The piece would consist of a 300 word range, with supporting interviews from students and faculty members conducted by me, Alongside a questionnaire survey. 


My background as CEO of Felicitea Digital Lab Has proven effective in composing interesting articles for the college demographic. To explain further of my complete skills and responsibilities, I enclose my resume along with my website link.


I look forward to hearing from you soon and to working with you on this propose artIcle.

 Thanks for the time you have taken to consider my idea.



Felicity Swindell