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Felicitea digital lab has been operating since Snapchat opened up their On-Demand Geofilter platform, and our company is trusted by celebrities, businesses, and thousands of other clients.


How It Works:

  • We handle Snapchat's Geofilter submission process on your behalf, free of charge. We don't move on to Snapchat's submission process until you approve your geofilter's design.


Inclusions :

  • Access to our professional support
  • Personal Client Portal
  • Custom Snapchat Filter Theme & Design
  • ( 1 ) Location Of Your Choice 
  • Time Frame (7) Hour Intervals
  • 3 Revision Sessions

Anything after 3 will result in a $5 per revision session


Keep In Mind:

  • Must be booked 2 Days In Advance

           Or you will be charged + Rush Fee

  • $5 For Every Additional Location & Hour



Don't Settle For Generic Templates

All of our geofilters are 100% custom made.

[ Each Filter Is Made To Order ]

By choosing us, you eliminate the danger of someone you know coming across the same geofilter on social media.


  • We offer a 24 hour rushed turn around time for additionall fee.
  • We offer a 100% custom Caricature service for additionall fee..

Social Media Filters / Lenses

SKU: 364215375135191
  • All of our filters will be approved by Snapchat. If for some reason your customized filter gets rejected, we will help you re-submit or simply refund your purchase! ( Please adhere to The Refund Policy )



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