Branding 101 | Beginner Friendly ☕️💗

Products are created in the factory but brands are created in the mind.”

- Walter Landor

Branding is not only for major corporations, Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room. If you think of branding all the more so as a reputation , it becomes a little more important to you.

“A brand is not just a logo , website, or business cards… it is an experience.” The soul purpose of a brand is to become knowable, Likeable, and trustable. Let's be real 💁🏽 ... you are more likely to buy a drink from Coca Cola and Pepsi, than you would a random company you've never heard of. This is because these companies have created a brand for themselves.

Your brand is a direct representation of who you are, so you should maintain it.

Do's ✅ and Don'ts ❌

Beware the Share

Heeeeyyy millennials this tip is so important for you. The generation we live in allows us to use social media as a platform for anything. This can be both ( + ) and ( - ) depending on how you use it. If you use your media as a platform for networking, and branding ✅ But if you see your social media as general way to show how “lit” you are, with smoking videos, club promotion, and half naked photos ❌ .

Due to the fact that we live in an advanced technological age, everyone has access to anything, and anything posted on the internet remains in the archives forever regardless of hitting delete.

Do you want a city job ? Because they check that Do you want to have a child that grows to know their moms a hoe ? Because they check that

Still don't believe me here is the stats

Hiring managers use social networks to screen candidates IT: 76 percent Sales: 65 percent Financial services: 61 percent Health care: 59 percent Retail: 59 percent Manufacturing: 56 percent Professional and business services: 55 percent

It's never too late to get it together. I would recommend a media cleanse || detox.



Color representation increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

choose a color or symbol and stick with it, it helps people identify you even when your name isn't attached.

When you see the colors red | & green .... you think Gucci

when you see 3 stripes ... you think Adidas

When you see purple hair ... you think Justine Skye

when you see red | black | & tan lines ... you think Burberry

When you see pink | black | & white you think FELICITEA

Psychology of Color

AuthenticiTEA | Demographics

Whether you own a business, are an artist, or simply endorse yourself people will expect consistency Basically this is just along the lines of remaining authentic, being true to who you are and not selling out.






63% of consumers say they have engaged with disappointing brand content and 23% said they wouldn’t read that brand’s content again after that.

In other words you have one chance to demonstrate your company's professionalism, don't screw it up.

Examples Hair company - people will expect you to produce the same quality hair, and customer service for every purchase. Personal brand - remain consistent of you character, and the content you post. Meaning if your godly, always post prayers, and dress conservative, don't just one day pop out dressed like a hooker because that is not the demographic you originally chose to appeal to. Artist | Musician - People will expect you to keep producing the style of music you began with. Granted I am not saying it isn't okay to grow, because change is inevitable. However if one day your rapping like Jay Z , don't switch up and do Justin Bieber styled songs the next day. YA DIG #sellout

Some Of My favorite Branding Apps

Pic Collage #remove the watermark for 2.99$


Just as advanced as IMOVIE right on your phone


Remove & Add background || Play with colors || Gives Transparency

My Watermark

Create your own watermark || change colors || Create Silhouettes

Stay tuned for more tips coming soon ...

Cant give away all my secrets ☕️💗