Confidence OR Arrogance x Ways to Stay Humble

Humble enough to know i'm not better than anybody , and wise enough to know that I'm different than the rest . A quote that I live my life according to because being humble is an attribute of importance to me.

Humility is a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness. Starting with the same “H” as happiness, because It should make you happy knowing that whatever you do, it is only part of the greater good. It is the feeling of being at ease with hearts of others, and the harmony of the universe, and overall one of the most powerful virtues. On the other hand their is the attribute of arrogance which is having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities. Often it involves knocking others down and using those blocks to build yourself up.

Many people seem to view arrogance as a strength In a person and being humble as a weakness. However It is better to claim that you can not fulfill something you said you could and then complete the task. Than It is to be sure you can fulfill the task and actually cannot.

When identifying someone being humble versus being arrogant you must first draw a thin line for what confidence is In contrast to arrogance. There is a distinct difference between being arrogant and having self confidence. Arrogance is not admirable, It Is claiming to be superior without argument, it is in all parts a negative trait. However Self-confidence and humility go hand and hand; a person can be sure of himself without being arrogant. Humble leaders work to support, inspire and develop others, by passing off their knowledge to best of their ability. They have high self-esteem and self-awareness and thrive to be a better version of themselves to help other people. Furthermore Arrogant leaders put themselves, and their personal agenda before the common good, and only aspire to be better versions of themselves no matter what It requires from them.

There are six easy things you can do to step In the right direction of living a humble life. You can first start off by being open to others opinions. You can do this by seeking input from others, and valuing their suggestions. Secondly you can take initiative to tend to other people's needs. Studies show that groups of people for example a basketball or cheerleading team perform better knowing that other members in the group have their best interest in mind.Thirdly by owning up to your faults. As humans we all slip up, mistakes are simply part of life. However admitting to your own fault and sharing how you've recovered from the mistakes you have made, makes you more approachable to people, In result earning their trust.

Next you can live out a humble life by accepting ambiguity. Meaning stepping down from situations that you know you may not have the best solution or information to give, but instead passing off your power to someone who can better assist with the overall outcome. Lastly you can dedicate some time In your day to do self reflection. Start by recording what went well during your interactions with others, as well as what you would like to work on, by doing so you strengthen your viewpoint, and learn from your actions.

There are many psychological benefits of being humble. One being higher self control, studies have found that an obsession with the yourself self can lead to lower self-control. Humble people tend to have higher self control due to the fact that humble people tend to know their limits. and place less importance on themselves.

The second psychological benefit is higher grades a study of 55 students as shown In the journal of positive psychology proved that those who were more humble did better academically. Students were given Humility and Self-Esteem Implicit Association Tests and several self-report measures of personality self-concept. Humility was graded by friends, and was found to be consistent.

The third psychological benefit is being less prejudice. One major characteristic of being humble is having a low sense of entitlement. Due to the fact that humble people do not think they are owed things , leads to a less prejudiced view of the world.

Lastly people who live their life vicariously through humbleness are known for having better relationships, because they accept other people for who they are. A fairly Recent study by Davis in 2012 found that humility helped to repair relationships and build stronger bonds amongst people.

“The funny thing about humility is the second you think you have it, you don’t.” Humility Is not about you. It doesn't make you bigger or smaller. Humility is about everyone else. We don’t know when we have humility, because when we look at ourselves, It is gone.

A Humble soul understands that tomorrow is never promised and that his/her time is nearly borrowed, appreciating what has been given to them and sharing those gifts for the common good of the world. All in all I hope i have convinced you to strive to be humble one step at a time.

Don't let anyone make you question the amount of confidence that you have. You are NOT arrogant. the more you love yourself the more other people don't. Don't let their compliments get to your head, and don't let the criticism get to your heart.