It's The God In Me | Lets Talk Faith

What is faith?

Faith is not believing that God can, but knowing that he will. Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see. Faith is being unsure of how something will happen but unbothered knowing that it will still get done. Lastly Faith is certainty in God's timing.

" Faith is like wifi it's invisible, but has the power to connect you to what you need. “

"Now vs. Then Faith"? “Now faith” is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see, Now being an indication of time. Now faith implies that at some point their was “Thin Faith”. Indicating that faith evolves. One instance being growing older over time. How you may have perceived faith to be at six is not the same perception you will have at twenty. - WENDEL DANDRIGE .

In order to have faith we must contain the elements of Confidence, perception, and gratitude. Confidence refers to being the belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities. We must have confidence not only in ourselves, but in our relationship with God. In order to do this we must focus on perception, grasping control over what we deem to be viewed as negative vs positive. The last thing being conveyed is the importance of the element of gratitude. Focusing on being grateful for what you have, and what has been done for you in comparison to jealousy of someone else's life. Which in the end result will lead to increased faith.

Faith has literally been the foundation of my life transformation.

For 19 years I was raised in the church. My father practice being a muslim on and off, my mother was a baptist, and my great grandmother was catholic. I attended all three religious services however I was raised practicing catholicism, attending catholic schools from pre-k up until high school, and receiving all 7 sacraments, well expect matrimony of course.

#FUNFACT ( Felicity is my confirmation name )

Growing up you are taught religion, you are told there is a God and that you shall worship him, and that this God has a plan and has ultimate control over your life and the way of the universe, and so you believe it. However you really don't KNOW GOD, and their really isn't any proof of his existence. The bible is man made, and we all know that people lie. Secondly if their is a God who speaks to people, How is it that you know that what god has spoken to you over your life is what he also expects for everyone else to follow. That message he sent to you could have only been directed for you. So that leads to questioning, and confusion.


Growing up I had it extremely hard I lived in a domestically abusive home, and was sexually assaulted. Deprived of some family, isolated from some friends, and In the end resulting in being stripped of my confidence. Overall I dealt with conflicts on a daily basis. #ComfortableInChaos

I faced many adversities, dealt with acs, watched my mother struggle to restore normality,

I even intervened on a regular just to take some hits for my mom, and lastly I raised my two sisters after the divorce was filed, while my mom worked back to back doubles to maintain our regular lifestyle.

For More On these Obstacles i'm Referring to Click The Article Below ! #GotToCatchUpToUnderstand

Point being that despite the fact for years I was raised in the church, attended the occasional bible studies, different religious mass, and even sang in the choir I still did not KNOW GOD.

With all this conflict in my life, my belief in God was non existent. Who knows maybe that's why times became so rough? I just couldn't fathom the thought of a God who controlled the life I lived and the plan for my future, but kept placing obstacles in my way.

When things got a little more comfortable for me and my family, I began to re-evaluate my relationship with God. I had so much hatred in my heart, and if we're being honest their still may be a little confusion in the back of my mind. However I know now that God was not punishing me, he was preparing me to be the person he created me to be, and to eventually live out my divine purpose.

Time, life's obstacles, lessons, and miracles. played a huge role in the restoration of my faith. As life got worse I started to transform, the first step being referring to myself as FELICITY. ​ Felicity, originated from my confirmation name and is the new and improved transformed individual in comparison to my old behavior. Due to life changing recurring domestic violence confrontations in my home.

Each and every day I strive to build a stronger relationship with God.


"what seems so hard today ... Will someday feel like your warm up"

" Don't practice until you get it right ... Practice until you cant get it wrong "

" I have not failed... Ive just found 10000 ways that DON'T WORK"

There were plenty of times in my life where I have had obstacles, but overcoming them showed how much I was favored. “ What god lifts up no other person can push down “ Secondly I talked to god all the time. At times I have even questioned his existence to him , and said “what if I'm just talking to myself". I told God how hurt I was by his actions, and how confused I was of his reasoning to choose me to consistently suffer.

God knew that the only thing that stood in between an a impeccable relationship between us was faith. I was so broken down that I needed something tangible to believe, because the idea of hope and trust was no longer enough for me, but the lord sent me a girl. Who came to me and delivered a message with all the answers to every question I have ever asked, that only he would have known, and she was a total stranger. This was the final push and confirmation that I needed to restore my faith.

First and foremost let me clarify that I understand that God owed me nothing. Which is all the more reason as to why this was so special to me. He acknowledged my effort to restore my faith and solely place all my trust in him, and took the extra initiative to meet me half way. All in all letting me know that he has heard me.

As time went on things became extremely clear. I was used as the one sacrifice to help the many. Meaning God creating this plan for me to live the life i lived, to one day get to where I am now in clarity and use my story and struggle to the help the next person overcome theirs, and I would not have chosen any other path.

Now There's nothing anyone can tell me about my GOD.

Take a moment to reflect on your life, and relationship with God every once and while. Remember to pace yourself faith is like trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. BUT IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL !

" Sometimes your plans do not work out, because God has better ones. "

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