See Something... Say Something x Girls Code to Cheating Men


My articles are based off of my opinions, personal experience, and stand points. As this is my ideal perspective of how side chicks are perceived 💕😘 if you can dig it keep reading...

As generations go on I feel that their is a major lack of respect for the importance of the basic female ethics or as some may say “ Girl Code ". Specifically focusing on the Girl Code of Cheating Men. This new trend or facade of being a side chick is deemed acceptable in society. Inspired by rappers, media, and albums like SZA’s encouraging this “side chick” behavior.

What is a side chick you ask ?

A side chick is the other woman; also known as the mistress; a female that is neither a male's wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship


Danielle: Look at Erick and Dina...are they going out?

Daija: No Danielle! Erick is dating Felicity. Tina is just his side chick.

WELL NEWS FLASH…. It's still NOT acceptable! Control your WHOREmones.

Hooking up with a girl's ex or current boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, and or husband is the most repulsive thing you can do and not only does it violate girl code, but decent human morals and value as well.

“Always tell your girlfriend the truth! Our loyalty is to each other!”

There are endless reasons, why you should not be the side chick. But when evaluating why, we must first understand that although every friendship is different, every marriage is different and every affair is different, you are still required to tell the truth.


why you should not be the SIDE CHICK of a family with kids ?

“Home wrecker”

Yes you are a “Home wrecker” regardless of whether the home was "happy' prior to you interference or not.

Your negligence not only affects the parents relationship but your decisions now trickles down to the children. The children may possibly have to deal with divorced parents, or even be split due to custody battles.

Secondly this guilt will eat you alive, you are totally aware of the fact that you 'partner" is married or in a relationship, and will constantly fear the chance of him eventually cutting you off and working on his relationship or repairing his marriage. Which is more likely to occur in this type of situation based on the terms of working things out for the children. Leaving you sad and depressed on a daily basis.

PS ; Even if you just so happen to win this mans heart over, his children will NEVER respect you. Which places a divide between your partner and his children.

This could either go two ways. Your partner could be like my dad and choose you over a relationship with his children. Which still results in resentment towards you on his behalf. Or he could leave you and get a new girlfriend who will allow a future with his children.



Lastly what's done in the dark will eventually come to light, and his Girlfriend/Wife Will find out. Women are natural detectives, especially with the magnifying glass that is the internet, and If she's anything like me I’ll keep you in my prayers.

As if you actually need any more explanations on why you should not be a side chick 💁🏽

Karma is a bitch.

It’s murder on your self-esteem

Your actions hurt other people:

People will lose respect for you

Morals matter

You Are Dispensable.

Your Child Will Be Illegitimate.

Not only should you not be the girl who is being the side chick, you should also not be the friend who knows about the side chick and doesn't say anything about your knowledge of her.

Help! Should I Tell My Friend that Her Husband Is Cheating on Her?

Do not be the messenger IF !!!!

To the women who are going to be the messenger about your new found discovery, don't be the messenger if your intentions are out of spite or malice towards the person. As this information will be devastating to them and should be followed up with genuine support.

If you don't know the person personally, and don't know of anyone else who may be closer to her to deliver the message. Than it just has to be you and that's fine. However always remember that delivery is everything. You are not in any position to be required to be genuine because you are not friends therefore your job is to just deliver the message with the most upright respect possible.

DO NOT feel loyal to the person we know is cheating, wether you are

their friend / FAMILY and not the victims.

DO NOT make this about you

To the women being told that your man is cheating,



Often times when you tell your friend that her man is cheating and she gets upset at you, it is not always because you just told her about her man cheating. It can also be due to the fact that she has already known and is unable to no longer pretend to be unaware, and is more so embarrassed that you now also know.


( If you have anything you feel should be added to this girl code list, feel free to email me so I can include it )

  1. Never hate a woman you've never met

  2. Never reveal another female's secret

  3. Never leave a friend inebriated alone

  4. Never be alone with a friends boyfriend

  5. Never invite a friend's enemy to a party

  6. Be a women other women can trust and depend on