Perception Is Everything

If you are a frequent reader you know that I am a junior at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Well last week in my media news reporting class we had a speaker come and visit. His name was John Stephens, he is a Photographer who uses the images he takes, and combines the pictures representation with words to tell a story. He calls this the Hello Campaign.

The Hello Campaigns Overall goal is to have his images connect with words, such as:

Purpose. Connection. Inspiration. Destiny. Perception. Happiness. Power. Legacy. Freedom. Culture. Reflection. Style. Glow. Passion. Humor. Creativity. Vision. Magic.

John Stephens, is a Photographer who captures many different muses, However in this particular class we focused on his images of Kids expression, colorism, and pictures based off camera angles that may change the perception of the photo.

When the class was over we were given a HeadLine Assignment.

Where we were asked to choose one of four images and come up with a story headline based off our perception of the photo.

I chose this photo, and named it

The Clueless Observer

Reason being, because if you take a second to focus on the picture.

You notice the one homeless person and the three people hovering around him in prayer.

If you take two more second to focus on the picture you noticed the two people walking by them with their hands in their pockets looking at the prayer circle in confusion.

This idea of emotion displayed by those two people passing by was based off of my individual perception. Which is how I came up with the conclusion, of the headline being the clueless observer.

Because in my mind I figured they are thinking to themselves ...

Why are they so concerned with this homeless man. ? ..

Why don't they just give him some food or money and go about their day ?


Which makes them Clueless

But heres what i found interesting, although I got the perception of the emotion being clueless, other students picked the emotion of admiration.

Stating that they were looking at the prayer circle with admiration, which will spark inspiration to do the same thing for the next homeless man they saw. Another student chose the idea of unity placing their total focus on the homeless and prayer circle, and no attention on the people walking by.


Like any college student who has a plethora of things to do. I will admit that I rushed through the thought of this assignment, to have something to turn in on time. I am still in compliance of my original choice of naming the headline the The Clueless Observer. However after days have passed by, this class, this speaker, the 20 different headlines based off other students perception of this same picture stayed with me.

After letting everything that was said resonate with me I decided to rename the photo PERCEPTION, and further look into how perception

affects us in so many different aspects of life.


  1. the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

  2. a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

  3. being seen or perceived


Lets focus on how perception in media affects society !

You sees him as successful — but is he really?

Does his 10M followers on instagram mean that he is launching a great product?

Does My website display me as an extremely successful

college student, who has zero problems?

Do the magazine companies show edited flawless pictures,

setting this illegitimate standard of beauty?

The Answer is YES , YES, & a million times YES !

The point is, we see each other solely through these personas we create. Because Society has made it a trend to choose the parts we want people to see and display them while hiding the reality of your life.

My reality is I am a struggling college student, who works three jobs yearly to take care of bills, gas, and beauty maintenance. While still going to school, funding my business. and building my brand. I bet the pageant titles, photoshoots, bedroom set up, and events I attend or host seem luxurious to you.

Of Course it is, but it is also takes extreme hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and even negative bank account some days to have these luxuries.


Real People ... Have Real Problems.

Wether their out on the table for public display or not !

What if we all stopped comparing ourselves to anyone else, and just chose to be...

wait for it...


“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”





What about Perception involving Relationships ?

The idea of a man providing ? & The women taking care of the kids ?

The double standard of men being able to cheat and expect forgiveness, and a female being "slut " shamed ?

The idea of a women being the only person comprising in a relationship ?

Lastly but most importantly the false perception of perfect

, relationships and marriages ?

Just recently Beyonce and Jay Z released their albums which discussed infidelities, and the struggle of restoration of normality in their homes.

Some Quotes being ..

." you better call Becky with the good hair "' Pray to catch you whispering '" Me and my baby we gone be alright, we gone have a good life "“I apologize for all the stillborns/’Cause I wasn’t present, your body wouldn’t accept it/I apologize to all the women whom I toyed with you emotions because I was emotionless/I apologize ’cause at your best you are love/And because I fall short of what I say I’m all about/Your eyes leave with the soul that your body once housed/And you stare blankly into space/Thinking’ of all the time you wasted in on all this basic shit/So I apologize”

SOOOO... MAYBE this is a start for the exposure of real relationships in the media.

However there is still such a long way to go.

Its deemed acceptable to share every happy moment of you and your significant other.

All the anniversary photos, date nights, and memorable milestones.

Which lead people to believe that you are in a perfect and happy situation.

Which goes back to supporting my case of picking and choosing what to display, and what to hide.

This is an issue because for upcoming relationships and marriages, they will be more inclined to give up when the going get tough, because society doesn't show the difficult times. Or the time and effort that it may take to get back to these happy moments, and restore what once was a happy relationship.

Perception is Everything, and Can Make or Break Your Relationship.

God has given you perception, to be able to differ illusion vs reality. Do not persuade yourself that circumstances must always be one way versus the other.

Instead your perception to come to the best conclusion for you Individual situation.

Perception is everything.