Life is Like Basketball Game x How to be a great writer !

“ I know who I was yesterday and I know who I want to be tomorrow. A Successful person and successful journalist, “- TOM JONES

Tom Jones is a Multi talented individual, husband, father, native of Houston,Texas, and contributor to society. He is also Alumni of Texas Southern University. Graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, priding himself on being a news junkie. Reporting for numerous broadcast channels in a variety of locations such as Amarillo, Texas, Shreveport, Louisiana and Las Vegas. He enjoys covering crime and court stories, as they are the most interesting to him.In addition He has worked at WSB-TV as a General Assignment Reporter for more than a decade, and has been awarded three Emmy's for his extensive work.

In his lecture to the mass communication class, at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University, Tom talks about the importance of courage, conviction, and confidence. Enforcing how belittling these principles, will lead to self elimination, and proceeds to emphasize how being punctual correlates with these principles. “ Be where your suppose to be… doing what you said you'd be doing ...Where you are supposed to be doing it… and when you said you'd do it. “

The one thing that stood out amongst all other things said from Tom Jones, was his analogy of basketball in relation to life and being a journalist.

My life, talents, and achievements are like a basketball game. Four quarters in which have shaped and developed me while continuing to prepare me for success. In the first quarter of my life things were extremely perfect, and so the efforts I put forth now I didn't feel the initiative to do it during this time period. However like any first quarter of the game you are not putting your best foot forward, why would you ?

The game just started you have plenty of time, and you see nothing wrong with what you're doing. Then second quarter hits, and life shakes up and I began to transform into felicity. Who is the new and improved transformed individual in comparison to my old behavior. Due to life changing recurring domestic violence confrontations in my home. This quarter is also where my talents of public speaking, event coordination, and graphic design derived. Third quarter is where I presently reside, Where I Questioned the decisions I've made in the first and second quarter, and caught the rebound where I started to focus more on the end goal of the game. I decided not to let my extenuating circumstances hinder me, but instead allow them to mold me into the individual in which God had intended me to be. Fourth quarter is where I planned to have achieved everything I hoped of, and be extremely successful.

Practice is the tithe you pay for growth. My mentors are my coaches, and the games i've lost are my failures. I've Missed many shots in life, but these same shots most never take .

How To Be A Great Writer !

Tom wanted our class to understand the formula for good writing, and its writers. Stating that a good writer is not just a thinker but a critical one. The difference between the two is that a regular thinker or as he referred to as a “First base thinkers”, thought process only goes to the first base. Meaning they don't expand their thoughts to go beyond their limitations, while a critical thinker questions conventional thinking.

He uses the analogy of the Argument that the world was considered flat versus the world being round to support his conclusion. Stating that for years people believed the world was flat, and then later down the line someone argued that that the world is round.

Everyone deemed this individual to be insane, and made a mockery of him. However the continuity of his critical thinking, lead to the concept that we believe today which is that the world ROUND! Tom wanted us to understand that just like this man, as writers we must be prepared for questions, or misunderstanding. He encouraged our class to investigate the perspective of opposite conventional wisdom. Which is Taking both sides of the argument, in order to learn the issue Full circle. ( All around )

  • Tom states that a good writer must be curious, he or she wants to know they are most thirsty for knowledge.

  • A good writer must also “have a great understanding of english and can handle it like Lebron handles the fast break.”

  • A good writer reads a lot How can you become a good writer if you do not read what others write ? Tom believes you must read for expansion, and a grasp of new information in order to be a successful writer.

Tom also encourages “writer gypsy”.

Gypsies are women portrayed as as cunning, mysterious outsiders who tell fortunes and steal before moving on to the next town. In fact, the term “gypped” is an abbreviation of Gypsy, meaning a sly, unscrupulous person.

Writer gypsy refers to the idea of taking a little bit from everybody, in order to develop your story. The complicated part about this task is the extreme pressure to do it better than the other person. My personal opinion of writer gypsy is that it is acceptable, as long as it does not border plagiarism, because writers such as myself spend and extensive amount of time developing our stories, and it can be deemed to be a disrespectful and a lazy method if done improperly.

#RememberToCite #Don'tStealGETInspo #IuseTheGypsyMethodTOO

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