What is your grand plan for life, and how does college fit in ? WELP ...

Plans are nothing, planning is everything, and a goal without a plan is just a wish. College has been the second stepping stone following high school, towards achieving my goals for success. I have always been a multi talented, and versatile individual balancing cheer, dance, pageantry, and academics since the age of five. With that being said my life plan is a little more complex than most.

My career aspirations are solidified I am preparing my company Felicitea Magazine & Graphics, Incorporated, to be one of the most manufactured, and accomplished around the world. All while using my media influence to assist with cultural, recreational and educational programs, in efforts to further bridge some of the social and cultural gaps that exist in our society today. Eventually I plan to host an event similar to ESSENCE FEST.

Secondly I want to be a a media and marketing agent. I am a firm believer in doing what you have to do so you can do what you want to do. I plan to use being a marketing agent as my day job to invest in myself, and further expand my company, and accelerate my financial freedom.

Lastly I want to be a pageant coordinator for either the Miss Black USA, or the Miss International Pageant Systems. As I have competed in pageantry for the past fifteen years, and eventually want to retire, but still be involved in the industry.

Attending Clark Atlanta University, has greatly contributed to this plan.

First and foremost While in undergrad I have networked with various individuals, which has allowed me to build my media team, and clientele. Secondly I have been provided internship opportunities, as well as Unlimited access to necessary tools I needed to further expand my skills, such as resume building & revisions, alongside mock interviews. During my matriculation I have received acknowledgments from major companies like Ford, BET, and the Atlanta Hawks that have helped to stand as recommendations of character on my resume. Lastly I was provided the opportunity to put on the Miss NAACP pageant production. All of which align with my GRAND PLAN for success. .