Status vs Salary

Low paying job you love, or great pay for a job you hate?

With going into my senior year in college, choosing a career has become more and more of a critical discussion. With all my thoughts revolving around a plan for life after college.

In my opinion I think every college graduates biggest fear, with the exception of failing is succeeding graduating unsure of their job decisions, and or career.

Lucky for me this fear isn't one of my concern I have been blessed to have been offered a couple of jobs pending my approval of graduation. However one of my concerns, has been the SALARY.

Now If you know me at all you know that I am all about them Benjamins baby …

And with my interest in mass media communications, as I am in the works of achieving my Bachelor of Arts - BA focused in Mass Communication/Media Studies with a concentration in PR, and a minor in computer science from Clark Atlanta University. I am faced with the burdensome decision of choosing a job based of either my love for the profession, celebrity status, or salary.

“Do what you love, the money will follow.”

UHMM H.E.L.L NOO … Me nah have time fi dat

Personally I feel when it comes to media and communications, most don't mind the pay rate, because these jobs often bring about celebrity status. Like for instance someone who will start off, as a producer's assistant, will eventually become head producer, and be in affiliation with a lot of celebrities, which then over time accumulates their personal celebrity status. In other words I feel as if most media employees don't mind the low pay rate, because of the ability to be “well known “ and or “popular”.

BUT BAYBEE…. Popularity won't pay them bills HUNTY

Or support the luxury lifestyle I like to live

Most MMA students are just a bunch of CLOUT CHASERS ANYWAY ..

For me it just doesn't make sense. I can instantly go into the corporate world, and handle digital marketing, data analytics, or company branding development, and start with $$$$$$ Them Dollars.

Versus starting off with starting wage and spending years climbing up the ladder to still possibly receive less than what I could make in a corporate positions within my first two years.

However here we go again on the flip side of things I would much rather love working in freelance media, production development, and Celebrity public relations.

So I constantly ask myself this question

“If you’re really passionate about what you do, but it’s not going to make you a lot of money, should you still do it?”

( Or as much money instantly in comparison to a different job )

Does desire, equate to profit ?

But then that's where the complication of your love for the profession comes to play. I don't know why but in this day in age everyone hates a 9-5 job. Personally I don't mind it, because the end goal of my career plan is to be working for myself, providing careers to others. Whether I decide to work for corporate, or freelance media, I plan to use these jobs as an incubator for my business, and personal goals.

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Listen i'm always in favor of people being happy, however i'm also in favor of reality. let’s be real. Doing what you desire doesn't always

guarantee wealth, or even financial success. Im just so indecisive of the path I want to choose following college.

Im here for all the advice in the world, if you are interested in giving some

My Mind says Get Them Coins ...

But my heart Says ...