BUSINESS TIP : 101 Protect your idea 💡

Who can you trust ?

That's a great question When it comes to a massive idea everyone could be you can cost you a lot of money when you share your idea with the wrong people. I have encountered this once and Because of this I posted this massive business tip. Sometimes you need an opinion from a designer, printing vendor, or someone who you think could help you with that idea but you get worried because of the possibility of them stealing your idea.

IT HAPPENS QUITE OFTEN Here is what you do !

⠀✨ Non-Disclosure Agreement | ( Available for purchase )

Ask them to sign a NDA contract which prohibits them from being allowed to talk to other people about your idea or take the context of your idea and turn it into one of their own. @feliciteadigitallab a NDA won't be necessary per our privacy policy

| All information disclosed is protected.

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