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Content Engagement Manager


Job Type


About the Role

Work directly with the FS Team to increase, optimize, and monetize digital audiences for
FS & FDL Brand + digital properties

With growing and developing businesses, comes a decrease in time for social media management.
Currently we are looking for someone who can be on call when needed, to manage and optimize
the engagement of our socials.

Included but not limited To: Commenting & Responding on Post, Liking Post, Reposting Story Mentions, Commenting on followers post, etc. Responding to DM’s , and reaching out via dm's for new collaborations.


  • Solid background in content marketing and audience development

  • Understanding of audience development channels, including search, social, email newsletters, push notifications, partnerships etc., and how they work together

  • Experience in digital distribution operations, A/B testing, monetization, and audience segmentation tools

  • Solid experience working with SaaS environment.

Task List Provided In advance

  • (25) Post Management

  • Comment under those 25 post

  • Spam the likes/Comments of people who commented under the post

  • Respond to all unread/unanswered DM’s

  • Like/ react story post of followers

I am not a micromanager

There's no time check in or clock out

Just complete the following task before the Sunday of the new week.

(7 Day turnaround / NO EXCUSES )

$50 per on call booking

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