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The Grind & Design Academy was established to promote collaboration and showcase the many unique designers in the graphic design industry. Our mission is to teach everyday entrepreneurs and small business owners the essential marketing skills they need to succeed, including how to create bold, professional, and unique graphics for their businesses while maintaining ownership of their designs. Additionally, the program provides DIY resources to help you get the job done, such as mockups, AI models and demonstrations, business funding and credit repair guides, and a fellowship under the mentorship of renowned veteran marketing professional Felicity Swindell. We offer free resources to our newsletter subscribers, and you can explore our paid options for more detailed help and guidance.

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Grind & Design Academy • Grind & Design Academy • Grind & Design Academy • Grind & Design Academy • 

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AT Felicitea Digital Lab we Choose Collaboration Over Competition!

You don't have to dim someone else's light for yours to shine. These De$igners are amazing at what they do; each of them contribute a unique perspective of esthetic and creativity to the graphic design and marketing industry. Make sure you purchase our replay to past webinars to catcha glimpse of their design skills.


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