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Having celebrity clientele, will make me rich RIGHT ? 🫠

When I first started, I chased celebrity clientele. I thought that if I could just get a few A-listers on my roster, my business would take off. I spent hours networking at A list parties, sending out cold emails, and bartering with agents and managers. 🗣️But it wasn’t until I stopped seeking celebrity clientele that my business really took off.

Let’s Talk About it … . Did I gain a celebrity clientele? Absolutely!!! 😅

Worked on collab projects/events associated with Kandi Burruss, BSimone, Shyehim The Rugged Child of Wu-Tang, Kangol Kid, Drumma Boy, Marketing by Monrae, Sheen Magazine, Grind Pretty Magazine, In the City Magzine, Tronus, BET, Cliff Vmir, Alexis Sky, Mz. Skittlez, & more.

Did it help me grow my business? Of course! 👀

However, it didn’t always translate to profit.🫠🫤

“ MOST “ Big-names demand all the work and your time for little pay, unreasonable demands, & 24/7 availability

.++ If you are devoting all of your time to one person, how will you have time for other clients?

👉🏾In year 3, I changed course. I focused on working with small businesses & entrepreneurs who were passionate about their work. I was accessible and responsive to my clients. I focused on working with people who were as eager and hungry as I was. When two people put in twice the work, the results are obvious: 👏🏽 double 👏🏽 the profit.

🗣️ I am not saying that all celebrity clientele is bad. In fact I still work with some of my faves listed above, and I ghost develop for many others under NDAs. 💁🏽‍♀️

However While celebrity clientele can be lucrative, it’s not always worth pursuing. Instead, focus on the people who support you and put in the work. Let the good people find you. You’ll be much happier working with a client base that you can genuinely serve and support.

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